Saturday, June 2, 2012


This post is one that I had hoped never to write.  Thursday, we found out new information regarding Josue, and unfortunately, we are not the right family to adopt him.  Josue needs to go to a family that doesn't have younger kids in the home, and with the addition of Mbo, we will have three.  While I can't express how heartbreaking this has been, Ryan and I both feel very at peace with this decision.  For our family and for Josue, there is no other choice to be made.

Unfortunately, even with our closest friends and family, we can't share the details of this decision, and we ask that you respect that.  What I can and will talk about is God's grace through this.  As you all know, the waiting process through all of this has been excruciating!  It has taken months and months longer than we ever expected, and we still don't know when it will all be finished.

But through that wait, we firmly believe that God has been working behind the scenes.  I can't even begin to express how many factors God had to bring together for us to get the information we needed exactly when we needed it.  His grace and protection of our family has been amazing.  Had we accepted a referral for Josue in December, February, April... we wouldn't have known any of this information.  And while I, with my whole heart, wish that things were different, the truth of the situation is that Josue needs a different family.

We are moving forward with our adoption of Mbo, and we are not sure yet exactly how we will handle a second referral, but I will obviously update when we know.  Until then, please pray for a little boy across the world.  Josue needs his perfect family to bring him home.  And, oh, how I wish that was us.