Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day to day

We're moving right along with this adoption stuff lately. We managed to sell the Subaru, which covered a nice chunk of our agency fees (but not all), and we're working on our packet to the Congo (called the dossier). I've applied for my very first passport, and hopefully, when that arrives, we can send this all in, and our agency will forward it to the DRC. Hurray! That being said, we have about $1500 that we need to come up with in a pretty short time span. So we've got a big giveaway planned, as soon as I can get the details squared away. So stay tuned, gentle readers. :)

In day to day news, there are big changes going on in the Hanson household. Mr. Robby will be starting Kindergarten on Monday. As if that's not bad enough, he woke me up this morning with the news that he has his very first loose tooth, which he is excited to no end by. When, exactly, did my baby boy get to be so grown up? He and Ella spent the entire day creating Geo Trax around our computer room, and their big brother, ahem, I mean their daddy helped them create an entire Geo Town when he got home. It's pretty impressive, actually, and only got bigger and better after the picture was taken. I'd say it's almost twice as elaborate at this point. Craziness! Just ignore the dog hair on the floor-I didn't exactly vaccuum first.

Miss Ella is getting excited for dance classes, which she will hopefully start next month. It will be a combination of ballet, tap, and tumbling. I try not to bring it up often though, because she get very indignant when I tell her that it will be a couple weeks and not "Just One More Minute, Mommy."

So, again, come back soon for the big announcement of our fundraising giveaway. It's worth the wait!